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Red Zone Shop



Red Zone Shop is a Retail store from Los Angeles Area. Most of our products are based on music; shoes, clothes, accessories. Here you will find a broad variety of genres of music. We have been supplying the local music scenes with the best selections of Merchandise from patches, stickers, buttons, to shoes, leather jackets, body jewelry, hair dye, t-shirts, belts, wallets etc.

Our shoe selection is one we are very proud of. We carry Dr. Martens, TUK, Clarks, kickers, Zig Zag, Vans, Converse, Adidas, Puma, Minnetonka, Peace Moccasins, Uggs, etc. Some of the most rare Docs there are you will most likely find them here. We have most styles of creepers; One inch, Two inch, you name it.

We have over Four Hundred different designs of band T-Shirts and about three hundred different bands displayed on our walls. Punk rock, classic rock, death metal, Black Metal, 80's, Hardcore, Phsycobilly, ska etc. Not to mention our horror movie shirts you will find anything from Godzilla to the exorcist.

Accessories are also one of our priorities. Patches, Back Patches, Stickers, Buttons, pyramid studs, cone studs, diamond cut stud, wallet chains, wallets, suspenders, belts leather wristbands, bandanas, sun glasses almost everything you can think of.

Think of us, as a True Punk Store; that has not Stop carrying the OG band t-shirt, shoes, and accessories. All year round you will find the most awesome merchandise. Do yourself a favor a pays us a visit.